Welcome in!

Chock full of things to do like karaoke and billiards, great drinks on tap, and interesting people to mingle with, you will fit right in at Shooters!
Shooters Cocktails, Spring Valley is intricately themed as “your local neighborhood bar”, complete with mismatching wood, a stellar drop ceiling, laughter heard abound, plenty of framed beer mirrors and the absolute best of intentions.

12:00 pm - 2:00 am - 7 days a week!




Happy Hour Daily 2pm – 6pm

beer me!

$1.00 Off Domestic Beer

The early bird get the beer… Cheaper!

Happy Hour Daily 2pm – 6pm

Well, WEll, WEll.

$1.00 Off Well Drinks

If you can’t fix it with a drink and duct tape, have the drink anyway.

"Felt" like you needed a break?

We've got a little bit of everything...

TV’s featuring everything from football to Nascar.  Karaoke for those brave enough (or buzzed enough).  Three pool tables, of which we attempt to keep shark-free.  We’ve got Taco Tuesdays, for goodness sakes.  Oh, and live music when we can, too.

behind the bar

We’ve got a menu full of drinks.  We aren’t fancy (yet), but we are positive you won’t leave thirsty!  New things coming all the time!

**NOTE:  Drink too much, and you’ll end up in the dog house.  Or jail.  Either way, drink responsibly friends.  Or at least let us help you snag an Uber.**

what our people say

I'm just a dog on the internet. Don't mind me.

- A dog on the internet

This place is seriously the best place to chill when you're in the dog house.

- Bryan D.

Got the voice of an angel?

Come join us for karaoke!  And even if you DON’T have the voice of an angel, we accept you anyway.

Shooter's Calendar

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Bar Hours

7 Days a Week!

12:00 PM – 2:00 AM

events & on-goings

In true neighborhood bar fashion, this website is “under construction”.  While we work on it, follow us on social media where we announce Events and other On-Goings here at Shooters Cocktails, Spring Valley!